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Every year, tonnes of metal of all types are being used, recovered and recycled. Recognising that non-ferrous metals are an essential component in everyone’s daily lives, there is need to ensure that the benefits generated today by the activities of the non-ferrous metal sector are secured for the future generations. However, at the same time, the environmental and social implications of such activities should not be ignored and decisions with regards to the use, recovery and recycling of these precious metals should integrate with considerations for the economy, social and environment.

Here at TDSB, we believe that we can operate a business that not only generates revenue but could also help preserve our environment and its precious minerals. In fact, one of our main businesses back when we first started, was recycling metals such as aluminium and copper. Leveraging on our company’s excellent business relationship and contacts, TDSB managed to secure the license to procure recyclable metals from Government agencies such as Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Telekom (M) Berhad and the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Kementerian Dalam Negeri) and other private firms. These recyclable non-ferrous metals are then sold to end-users for further processing.

Our Recycling Division strives to ensure that our metal recycling business is well-structured and regulated. We endeavour to break away and change the public’s common perception that metal recycling is more than just scavenging for recyclable metal wastes. We would like to help educate the public that it is a green business with great potentials. As a responsible corporate citizen, TDSB is committed to efforts to preserve the environment and Mother Nature’s natural resources while generating revenue for our group of companies.