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Oil and gas are undeniably the main fuels in our daily lives and the essential driving force behind most industries. One of Malaysia’s leading supplier of petroleum-based products, Shell Malaysia, serves over half a million retail customers a day and more than 4000 industrial and commercial customers. Realising the tremendous potential in this industry and how it could contribute to the fiscal growth of TDSB, our Energy Division was set up to venture into this area of business.

Our Energy Division is to partner with Shell Malaysia under their Shell Downstream Oil Products (SM-DS). Shell Malaysia's Downstream sector refines and markets crude oil, lubricants and other petroleum products, and has over 870 stations nationwide.

Our main business activity would include:

• trading
• supply
• distribution
• marketing
• sales

of various petroleum-based products.

Among the petroleum-based products are:-

• Main Fuels such as gasoline, aviation fuel, diesel and fuel oil
• Specialities such as LPG, bitumen, lubricants
• Components and feedstocks

Other related products are:

• Coal
• Crude Palm Oil
• Fertilizer
• Cement
• Methanol
• Gold
• Sand

In November 2009, we received PDA4 license ('Lesen Akta Kemajuan Petroleum') from Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn. Bhd. (SHELL) to buy and distribute their top quality petroleum products such as Diesel, Kerosene and Light/ Medium Fuel Oil to end consumers and customers. We are proud to be a part of SHELL Malaysia's extensive business network and are willing to partner with other major oil companies such as PETRONAS, EXXON MOBIL and more in the near future.