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Engineering - Speed Boats (www.talascoboats.my)
One of our missions is to expand and diversify our customer base regionally and globally. Harnessing the skills sets and knowledge of our team members, TDSB set up our Engineering Division. With experience which spans over 20 years in the marine industry, TDSB’s engineering team has proudly designed our very own locally designed and manufactured speedboat with amazing features that rival our international counterparts.

The idea of our speedboat was conceived out of the need for speed and power. Our visionary and innovative team pooled all their resources together to brainstorm on our very first prototype. With their knowledge on speedboats and experiences in handling these powerful machines, they successfully designed our very own speedboat, CAPTOR with its one-of-a-kind hull and tunnel design. Our unique tunnel design gives our boat a powerful boost while at the same time, is able to save up to 40% on fuel consumption, making our boat like no other.

As safety is one of our main priorities, our design and prototype was put through stability tests conducted in collaboration with University of Technology Malaysia’s leading experts in marine technology. The tests proved that CAPTOR gives a smooth and safe ride as our patented design stabilises the boat even at high speeds of 50 knots.

Presently, the Engineering Division is the force behind the manufacture and supply of our high performance all-weather CAPTOR. Powered by the world’s most reliable advanced propulsion system, CAPTOR comes in 4 different models ready to be customised to suit our customers’ needs and specifications. They are:-
1. CAPTOR 32
2. CAPTOR 36
3. CAPTOR 40
4. CAPTOR 40 Leisure

Unlike other speedboats, CAPTOR is suitable for shallow water operations. This makes our boats sought after by law enforcement agencies that require high performance speedboats that are suitable for all types of sea condition and also shallow water operations. Our clientele range from law enforcement agencies such as the Customs and Navy to those who live for speed and power.