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In September 2010, Talasco Dagang Sdn. Bhd. was appointed to be an agent for Asian Aviation Services Pte. Ltd. (AAS) which is a navigational aid company, established in Singapore since 2004 with a Jakarta based subsidiary. Our role is to market and sell their products in the Malaysian Territory. With 30 years of combined experience in the aviation industry, our principle is the only company worldwide that covers 100% of all Asian and Middle Eastern airports available in governmental publications. We provide complete IFR portfolio of maps, data and tools covering Asia and the Middle East, FMS and Flight Planning Data and the only company in the world that produces VFR charts for all of Asia.

Our main products that offer accurate and safe navigation are;

1. VFR map series 1:500,000
2. IFR Route Manuals
3. Special Navigation Charts
4. FMS data for flight simulators
5. Charting Tool
6. Flight Following

All charts are standardized according to ICAO Annex 4. Our charts content is to-scale and consistent to the database-link. For the Route Manuals we offer complete subscription of all airports in Asia, whether it is large or small and when our customers partake on a yearly subscription our service includes a 28 day update following the AIRAC cycle. Other products we offer like software and consultancy services are proposed separately based on the customers’ needs.

Talasco AAS caters to customize the needs for safe, accurate and informative aviation services.